Jolene Houser

Jolene is the heart and founder behind Vivifica Studios. Her original piece “Aries the Ram” was the inspiration for the flagship series, The Timeless. Having been published by both independent companies like Dusk Comics as well as larger publisher IDW, Jolene saw a need for a bridge to help writers and artists see their stories and art realized. After completing a book for Arcana Comics in late 2012, Jolene set out to create something new and exciting for herself and any that would share in her dream.

13445473_10153511395466836_2458307767288842824_nDana Skvarek

Dana Skvarek has a gift with words. He has been crafting stories wether written novels or screen plays from a young age. His first published credit comes from High school. He has used his love for a good story to create many short films and novels. His love for the comic form shows greatly in his story telling. Screenwriter and author Dana Skvarek joins us as writer of the series The Timeless. His previous work as a novelist as well as his own comic title Crusader lends valuable experience to the team. His work can also be seen in our upcoming anthology, The Midnight Candle.