Who We Are..

 Vivifica Studios is an independent American Manga, Comic book, Graphic novel, and book publisher based in Arizona. Our goal is to work with talented people throughout the world creating a revival in what indie comics look like. We aim to do that with original and thought provoking stories. The books we choose to publish are of multiple genres from horror to fantasy to slice of life and many more. With our stories we hope to reach an audience that is thirsty for a new story with new characters.

Our mission as a studio is simple to tell compelling stories with a message that will move people. 

 Jolene HouserArtist/Owner

Jolene has been two things her whole life 1. Artist  2. Geek. Like many young teens she fell in love with Anime/manga in Middle School and even ventured and dreamed of making her own manga in High School and college. Quickly becoming disheartened by industry professionals who told her there wasn’t a place for American manga, she switched to a more American art style. She’s been hired by indie comic publishers like Dusk Comics, who she drew for from 2006-2011, and has also been apart of IDW’s “Womanthology” series as well as several other indie books as a pen-for-hire. After having a taste of working for a big publisher Jolene turned her sights to creating her own indie publishing company, and even went back to her first love of making comics and manga. She believes that every artist and writer can have chance to be published they just need an opportunity to have their story told.

Dana Skvarek – Writer/Owner

Dana Skvarek has a gift with words and has been crafting stories across many different platforms from a young age. His first works were published in High School and since then he has used his love for a good story to create many short films, comics, novels and poetry. His love for the comic form is what brings his story telling skills to Vivifica Studios.  Screenwriter and author Dana Skvarek joins us as writer of the series The Timeless. His previous work as a novelist as well as his own comic title Crusader lends valuable experience to the team. His work can also be seen in our upcoming anthology, The Midnight Candle.