Short Novel

In post-Katrina New Orleans, Marcus Coulter moonlights as a deadly assassin to right the wrongs of a corrupt city and find a missing piece in his own sordid puzzle.

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Short novel

A young man recounts the story of his hunt for a creature whose reign of terror on a small New England town held more mystery than he anticipated.

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Comic Anthology

A collection of 13 chilling horror mini-comics from over 24 writers & artists.

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Timeless sketchcover-STORE-2323

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Sketch Book 

Veteran comic book artist Jolene Houser and author Dana Skvarek team up to bring you The Timeless comic series. When our planet is threatened by a global demonic invasion, 12 immortal beings of the Zodiac lead the charge to defend the Earth and humanity itself from extinction. From the United States to Africa, the catacombs of Paris to the temples of Tibet, The Timeless explores the fight of the millennia in this 13 book series. Who will die? Who survives? The only thing for certain is the world will never be the same!